All of my music can be purchased on Bandcamp.

Please send all correspondence to andrew (at) andrewtasselmyer (dot) com


Surface Textures (Eilean Recs, 2019)

Maui (Hibernate, 2018)

Tines (Flag Day Recordings, 2018)

Mordançage (Fluid Audio, 2018) (w/ Tobias Hellkvist)

Places Real and Imagined (Polar Seas Recordings, 2018)

Gray Acres (Sound in Silence, 2018) (w/ Michael Tasselmyer)

Vantage Points (Shimmering Moods, 2018)

Childhood (Self, 2017)

09302017-MD (Self, 2017)

Dark Below (Self, 2017)

Resonant Moments (Shimmering Moods, 2017)

Presence, Volume 3 (Self, 2017)

Presence, Volume 2 (Self, 2017)

Presence, Volume 1 (Self, 2017)