I am interested in exploring "audible nostalgia." To put it another way, I like using sound to express the connection I feel to specific places. I make music that explores this relationship between mind and ear by combining intentionally chosen field recordings and found sounds with melody.

Selected Press:

"...Tasselmyer turns the mundane into high art." - Kevin Press

"Andrew Tasselmyer highlights everyday sounds that might on their own seem repetitive or ignorable.  By surrounding them with drones, he provides them with a manner of dignity:  'you, too, are worth noticing.'" - a closer listen

"These found sounds adorn a sedated selection of ambient drones, lulling but also crystallizing everything...you'll hear the music of the world. It’s everywhere, and it’s beautiful." - fluid radio

"...these pieces very much create the effect of escaping a world of distraction and multi-tasking to stop, look, and listen at one’s immediate surroundings – to choose one moment, one sound, find the stillness in it, explore it, and respond to it...The field recordings are thoughtfully chosen and vividly captured." - stationary travels