My bandcamp page is here. In addition to the solo/collaborative releases below, my work with Hotel Neon can be found on Bandcamp.


Associative Mechanisms (Self, 2020)

Various Artists - Eilean 100 (Eilean Recs, 2019)

Formosa (Shimmering Moods, 2019)

Material Forces (Whitelabrecs, 2019) (w/ Michael Tasselmyer as Gray Acres)

Various Artists - Place Language (Fluid Audio, 2019) (Curator and contributor w/ Hotel Neon)

Interior Currents (Constellation Tatsu, 2019) (w/ Patrick Spatz)

Thesis Recurring 038 (Thesis, 2019)

Surface Textures (Eilean Recs, 2019)

Maui (Hibernate, 2018)

Tines (Flag Day Recordings, 2018)

Mordançage (Fluid Audio, 2018) (w/ Tobias Hellkvist as Mordançage)

Places Real and Imagined (Polar Seas Recordings, 2018)

Gray Acres (Sound in Silence, 2018) (w/ Michael Tasselmyer as Gray Acres)

Vantage Points (Shimmering Moods, 2018)

Childhood (Self, 2017)

09302017-MD (Self, 2017)

Dark Below (Self, 2017)

Resonant Moments (Shimmering Moods, 2017)

Presence, Volume 3 (Self, 2017)

Presence, Volume 2 (Self, 2017)

Presence, Volume 1 (Self, 2017)