Hotel Neon

Hotel Neon is the Philadelphia-based trio of Michael Tasselmyer, Andrew Tasselmyer & Steven Kemner. Together they create immersive and atmospheric soundscapes, characterized by massive walls of sound surrounding subtle, slowly evolving melodies.

Hotel Neon’s debut self-titled album was self-released on limited cassette tape in 2013, then reissued through Japanese label Home Normal (Christopher Bissonette, Celer, Library Tapes) in January 2015. The grainy textures, mechanized rhythms, and subterranean bass pulses led to resounding critical review and "Best of 2015" status in outlets like Headphone Commute, Textura, and Arctic Drones.

Hotel Neon's 2nd album, “Remnants,” was released on acclaimed U.K. experimental imprint Fluid Audio in March 2016. Extensive touring throughout the US followed with Lowercase Noises (NM) and Slow Meadow (TX, Hammock Music), in addition to radio and live appearances with the likes of Loscil (Ghostly, Kranky), Benoît Pioulard (Kranky), and more. "Remnants" also earned "Best of 2016" status from a litany of respected publications in the ambient music sphere.

The trio released its 3rd full-length studio album, "Context," through Fluid Audio on May 1, 2017, followed by more US touring in June and July with Lowercase Noises and Christopher Tignor (Western Vinyl). The band collaborated with The Sight Below (Ghostly), Tobias Hellkvist (Dragon's Eye), The Green Kingdom (Lost Tribe Sound), and more on a remixed edition of "Context" released Oct. 3, 2017.


"...a very rewarding and immersive listening experience." Headphone Commute

"...clearly attuned to the sonorous subtleties of their music, as evidenced by the cavernous reverberations...the smallest of gestures assumes pronounced significance. While Hotel Neon's focus is more on enveloping atmosphere and sonic density than on melody, differentiating themes do emerge in their constructions, even if they're sometimes submerged by the towering immensity of the textural design." Textura

"This ensemble works in the art of understatement, the art of the subconscious. Their music is devoid of system and dry formula, and enjoys intelligent company."  Star's End (WXPN-FM)